Friday, September 9, 2011

8 MP Camera Mobile Phones - A Tough challenge before cameras

8 MP camera phone
Mobile phone technology is evolving continuously, giving more and more advanced features catering to the growing expectations of gadget geeks. Some years ago, we had not thought mobile phones would be substitutes of audio, video, internet connectivity and camera phones. But, now mobile phones available in the market are not only equipped with all the features mentioned above, but the hoard of smart phone is growing with more surprising features also day by day.

So, I too planned to buy a smart phone made by some popular brand. I wanted an 8 mega pixels mobile phone fitted with several alike features, so I decided to surf internet in order to hit one of the best 8MP camera mobile phones. I came across these following models of renowned brands.

1) Sony Ericsson W995

2) Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

3) Samsung Pixon M 8800

4) Samsung Galaxy S2

5) Nokia N86

6) Nokia E7

7) HTC Desire HD

All these smart phones have 8 MP camera along with photography related tools. However, the pixels density and the power of LED flash differ. But broadly speaking, they are supported by LED flash, image stabilization; face detection, photo editor, and geo tagging etc. All these features really makes the experience of shooting picture an enthralling one, for the pictures shot with these 8 mega pixel camera mobile phones come out clearer and brighter than the cameras having less mega pixels. Getting beautiful pictures with a camera phone has many advantages in comparison to compact cameras. Such as; A phone remains always with us almost round O’clock, so we don’t miss the natural pictures we can come across at any time of the day, while this is not the case with a compact camera. Secondly, it is not always easy for everybody to understand the know how of professional cameras. Thus 8MP camera phone has many additional advantages.


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